A Message from the President

Toward the Third Phase of the Medium-term Objectives of National University Corporations

The second year of the third phase of the mediumterm objectives of national university corporations (six years) began in April this year. From the three categories that strengthen the functions of national universities, Muroran Institute of Technology chose the category of a“national university that focuses on regional contribution through human resource development and the resolution of regional issues, as well as efforts to promote world-class or national-level education and research in specific fields in which the universityexcels, while taking the attributions of the specialized fields into consideration, as the core activities to strengthen its functions in the third phase.”

Regarding regional contribution, we have been implementing the All Hokkaido Project for Job Creation and Attracting Youth as a COC Universityled Regional Revitalization Project (COC+) under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. With this project, four science and technology universities in Hokkaido (Muroran Institute of Technology as the organizing school of the Hokkaido region, Kitami Institute of Technology, Hokkaido University of Science, and Chitose Institute of Science and Technology) and four technical colleges in Hokkaido (Kushiro, Asahikawa, Tomakomai, and Hakodate) cooperate with local governments and industries. Concerning research, we aim at the development of global level research using regional resources and energy in collaboration with local governments, covering the fields of underground coal gasification (Mikasa City), ship recycling (Muroran City), perilla’s antidementia function and its application in industrial promotion (Shiranuka Town) and information support for a salmon/trout hatching project using information and communication technology.

In terms of education, we operate eight engineering education programs certified by the Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education, which guarantees internationallevel undergraduate education. While valuing the connectivity to graduate education, these active learning-based programs allow students to increase their independence and proactivity, thereby developing the kind of technologists required by society. With regard to graduate education, in master’s courses, which provide higher levels of specialized education in the major subjects, minor subjects and coursework have also been enhanced and their content has been amplified. In the doctoral course, the long-term internship program has been expanded and its content has been strengthened, and DC English presentation and innovation subjects have been reinforced based on comments and suggestions from the advisory board to develop diverse human resources.

In terms of research, we aim to establish Japan’s highest-level research center in the characteristic advanced manufacturing fields in which this university excels, including the aerospace plane and environment/energy material fields. In particular, the Organization of Advanced Sustainability Initiative for Energy System/Material is Japan’s only research institute dedicated to utilizing rare earth elements, and it promotes research and development of new materials using rare earth elements while providing the Santoku Rare Earth Endowed Course in collaboration with Santoku, a world-leading company, as it endeavors to become an international research and education center.

Under the basic philosophy of“Making Dreams Come True through Creative Science and Technology,” Muroran Institute of Technology is resolved to serve as a center for research and regional revitalization to respond to the needs of the times and society, develop internationally accepted high-level engineers and create innovation. We sincerely request the support and cooperation of all sectors.


President Yoshikazu Kuga