A Message from the President

Toward the Third Phase of the Medium-term Objectives of National University Corporations

I was appointed as the 14th President of the Muroran Institute of Technology on April 1, 2015. I find it sobering to think that the appointment was made in this important year, which marks the last year of the second six-year phase of the medium-term objectives of national university corporations. It is also the year before the third phase of the objectives is launched to strengthen university functions.

In academic year 2014, the Institute reorganized its Master’s and Doctoral courses. The aim of the Master’s Course reorganization was to produce highly skilled engineers with both expertise in their fields of specialization and knowledge in peripheral areas to enable the practical and extensive application of their skills and knowledge. The aim of the Doctoral Course reorganization was to produce future professionals capable of thriving on the world stage in both academia and industry. In academic year 2015, the Institute will seek to advance the aim of the Master’s Course reorganization by further improving and systematically developing major and minor courses as well as coursework. For the Doctoral Course, it will work to improve and systematically develop its long-term internship program and further enhance the DC English Presentation and other subjects in the Innovation Subject Group based on opinions and recommendations from the course’s Advisory Board.

In the undergraduate courses, the Institute runs eight engineering education programs accredited by the Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE) – an organization that guarantees the provision of world-class professional education. Focusing on the connection with the Institute’s graduate courses, these programs help students develop independence and self-motivation through active learning in order to produce engineers who will meet the needs of society.

As a center of knowledge, the Muroran Institute of Technology is committed to contributing to regional development by promoting the fruits of education and research from global perspectives. The Institute also serves as a think tank to help address local issues, provide lifelong learning opportunities for members of society, and promote science education to elementary, junior high school and high school students.

In this way, in line with its philosophy of Making Dreams Come True through Creative Science and Technology, the Muroran Institute of Technology is resolved to continue fulfilling its role as a center for regional revitalization in response to the demands of the times. This will be achieved through education that develops highly skilled world-leading engineers and through research that leads to innovations. The kind support and cooperation of everybody involved is very much appreciated.


President Yoshikazu Kuga