Research Organization

College of Environmental Technology

College of Environmental Technology consists of four research units.

Main objectives for each research units are as follows:


Applied Chemistry Research Unit

Environmental chemistry, Catalytic chemistry, Quantum chemistry, Electrochemistry, Synthetic organic chemistry, Functional materials chemistry, Chemical engineering, Powder technology, Transport phenomena, Inorganic material science


Chemical and Biological Engineering Research Unit

Microbial engineering, Biodegradation, Biochemistry, Bio-waste utilization, Molecular motor, Biomass, Organic chemistry, Asymmetric synthesis, Polymer coated electrode, Flavonoide, Biophysics, Interface chemistry


Architecture and Building Engineering Research Unit

Structural mechanics, Foundation engineering, Building structural engineering, Building materials, Building system design, Urban landscape planning, Urban planning, Architectural planning, Architectural design, Architectural history, Architectural environmental engineering, Building equipment


Civil Engineering Research Unit

Structural engineering, Environmental engineering, Rock engineering, Soil mechanics and foundation engineering, River and coastal engineering, Water quality analyses, Strategic management, Urban environmental planning, Organizational science

College of Design and Manufacturing Technology

This is the research area which includes designing, manufacturing and operating devices and equipment, including various mechatronics such as cars, railways, aerospace craft such as air carriers, robots and medical equipment.

Furthermore, this area covers elemental research and systems research that includes metals, electronics and hydraulic controlling systems. It also expands to alternative energy and environmental technology to promote the departure from fossil fuels and to ease the global warming, and the development of many kinds of products utilizing nano-technology.


・Mechanical Engineering Research Unit

・Robotics Research Unit

・Aerospace System Engineering Research Unit

・Materials Science Research Unit

・Applied Physics Research Unit


College of Information and Systems

The College of Information and Systems conducts research in the field of Computer Science and Systems Engineering as well as research in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and contributes to the development of the information-oriented society.


In the research field of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, the study covers the following topics: intelligent system development based on the neuroscience; informatics for the fusion among media, human and systems; informatics for abstraction and integration of information; and visualization of information.


In the research field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the research on electrical and communication engineering that covers electric energy and grid, communication devices and network systems, and control of those systems, and the research on electron device and instrumentation that covers electronic materials, optical and quantum devices, and measurement systems are developed, respectively.


・Computer Systemics Research Unit

・Intelligent Informatics Research Unit

・Electrical and Communication Engineering Research Unit

・Electron Device and Advanced Instrumentation Research Unit


College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts, whilst complementing the University’s engineering program, maintains a distinct academic ethos and interdisciplinary approach to its fields of study.

The College contains the following areas of study and research : Mathematics (analysis, algebra, geometry) ; Information Media ; Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (sociolinguistics, foreign language pedagogy, syntax) ; Literature (English, German) ; International Relations ; Human Sciences (pedagogy, psychology, physical education, philosophy) ; Medical Science (physical, mental) ; and Social Sciences (law, politics, economics, sociology).


・Mathematical Science Research Unit

・Humanities and Social Sciences Research Unit

・Linguistic Science and International Relations Research Unit