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Research Center for Environmentally Friendly Materials Engineering


 Establishing environmentally friendly society requires innovation in green technologies, such as the recycling of resources, reduction of resource usage, reduction of hazardous materials and greenhouse gases, reduction of energy usage, and the effective utilization of alternative energy sources. At the same time, the social system needs to be reformed to ensure the establishment of new forms of inter-industry cooperation, inter-college cooperation and more sustainable lifestyles. The Research Center for Environmentally Friendly Materials Engineering was established to address these urgent problems which are common to all humankind from the viewpoint of materials engineering.
 The Center conducts research on the themes of energy-saving, energy-conversion, resource-recycling, and functional green materials. Furthermore, this Center is the driving force behind an education program called “Muroran Materials”. This program intends to provide graduate students from various disciplines with well-developed professional education and advanced professional skills.
 More specifically, the research center engages in the following activities:(1) Research into the creation of new technologies using advanced materials, and establishing research collaborations with external research institutes and companies;(2) The promotion of educational programs; and (3) In terms of social contribution: hosting lectures on innovative material and energy technologies, and the implementation of knowledge transfer activities for materials research.