Center profile


There is the compelling need to realize an environmentally conscious society that maintains a balance between the production and consumption activities of humans and the regenerative capability of the earth. In addition to substantiating technological innovations, such as by promoting the cyclical use of resources, resource savings, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and the effective use of unused energy, social reform will be needed, including new cooperation among existing industries and innovative changes in lifestyle. Muroran Institute of Technology also needs to address these challenges while giving full play to its characteristics as an institution of research and education. The Research Center for Environmentally Friendly Materials Engineering (nicknamed: Muroran Materia) will be playing its part as a base for raw material studies that lead to a better future.

Policies of activities

  1. Technological innovations that reduce environmental loads and are expected to mitigate the expansion of climate change and the destabilization of resource supplies (the Creation of Technologies for Green Innovation)
  2. The development of energy utilization technologies that are able to solve the discrepancies in timing, place, quality and quantity of energy supply that exist between the industrial sector, which puts out unused energy, and the public and private facilities that can be considered as its potential users
  3. The creation of new industries based on the above-mentioned technological innovations and technological developments
  4. The establishment of an international research network
  5. The promotion of awareness-raising campaigns on materials study for business enterprises, the general citizenry, elementary, junior-high and high school students, and the students at our university.