Greetings from the Director of the Center for International Relations


In today’s globalized world of bustling socio-economic activity, we have access to news of all kinds from every part of the planet as soon as it becomes available via information networks. The development of transportation and information technology has effectively made the globe smaller, allowing us to feel closer to people in other parts of the world.As globalization continues, Muroran Institute of Technology pursues its mission of preparing students to become engineers and researchers equipped with the communication skills they will need to operate effectively in today’s world as well as a variety of practical skills. Many international students study engineering and technology on the campus, while an increasing number of students also study abroad and participate in overseas programs.


In the field of research, the number of faculty members giving presentations at international conferences and interacting with other universities and institutes for research purposes grows annually. The number of overseas visitors to the university has also increased. As Muroran Institute of Technology’s profile in the international arena grows, it is expected to engage in research and education in the fields of industrial technology and engineering that will produce outcomes from international collaboration. Against this background, the institute’s Center for International Relations supports such activities based on international collaboration among students and faculty members. Formerly known as the Office of International Affairs, the center was set up in 1992. In 2007, it was developed and re-established as a comprehensive organization for international activities, including the hosting of students from overseas, the promotion of international collaboration efforts, and education to develop students’ international awareness.


As a result of the center’s efforts, more than 210 international students currently study at the institute, and international exchange agreements have been concluded with 47 overseas universities with several more in the pipeline. More than 360 students have traveled abroad to participate in overseas programs and for other purposes. The center plans to continue promoting its program of international exchange activities to support the development of extensive global educational and research environments.


In response to the eagerness of students and faculty members to communicate with people worldwide, to engage in various activities, and to act as bridges for cultural exchange between Japan and other countries, I hope the center will continue to fulfill its duties by providing support for the development of new approaches to international exchange and collaboration and by producing students capable of playing significant roles on the global stage.


Students interested in international activities and experiences are invited to visit the center, whose staff are keen to support the enthusiasm and interest of all comers.




Former Director of Center for International Relations