Certificate of Eligibility

Steps from application to a visa being issued

To enter Japan for the purpose of study, non-Japanese nationals are required to obtain a student visa.

The following steps show the process from application to a visa being issued:



  1. (1) Application


  1. (2) Entrance examination or selection screening


  1. (3) Approval of admission to Muroran Institute of Technology (Issue and delivery of the acceptance notice or permission to be admitted)


  1. (4) Application for the certificate of eligibility (Application for international student housing)

     ↓  One month after the application

  1. (5) Issue and delivery of the certificate of eligibility


  1. (6) Application for a visa to the Japanese Embassy or the Japanese Consulate in the applicant’s home country (region)

     ↓ Approx. one week after the application

  1. (7) Issue of visa


  1. (8) Reservation of air ticket


  1. (9) Arrival in Japan



Certificate of Eligibility

A Certificate of Eligibility is a certificate issued when an organization in Japan that admits an international student who plans to study in Japan submits necessary documents to the Immigration Bureau and obtains permission for the international student to stay in Japan before the student enters Japan. Showing the certificate of eligibility at the time of visa application or immigration examination at an airport in Japan makes the process smoother. This means that the university in Japan that accepts you as an international student submits your information to the Immigration Bureau of Japan and verifies your admission to the university to obtain a certificate. The certificate sent to you makes the process of your visa application for study in Japan smoother. With the certificate of eligibility, your visa will be issued approximately one week after the application; whereas without it, it will take approximately one to three months for the visa application to be processed.



Application for certificate of eligibility

The Center for International Relations will arrange a proxy application for the “Certificate of Eligibility” on behalf of international students admitted to Muroran Institute of Technology, to help with their student visa acquisition.


Please send the documents (1) through (3) below to the Center of International Relations via the email link.


  1. (1) Certificate of Eligibility Application Form

With reference to the example, please enter information in the specified form and submit is as Excel data.


Application form /example


    1. (2) An ID photo of your face (JPEG)
    2. (3) A copy of your passport

A copy of the first page (that contains your photo, passport number and name) of your passport is required.