Create harmony
between people and nature
for the next generation.

Hokkaido, with its beautiful nature, scenery, and northern Asian culture, continues to attract many people.
On the other hand, in an aging society with a declining birthrate, increasing disasters, aging infrastructure, and so on, topics that may inundate the world in the future are convening in Hokkaido.
In the most advanced test field, the answer to the new era is born.

Arch. & Build. Eng.

Optimize space and the future
through infinite possibilities.

Study planning, design, structural design, building maintenance,
and construction, etc., technologies to build a city space.

Civil Engineering

Let’s move to the next stage to observe the world that supports us.

Study bridge and harbor designs and city planning technologies to realize a safe, assured,
and comfortable life, or disaster prevention system, etc.


The history and evolution of Muroran Institute of Technology,
which has a deep relationship with the development of Hokkaido.