Muroran Institute of Technology ranks in the 1001+ places (Top 5%) of universities in THE World University Rankings 2019 as one of three universities in Hokkaido!!

 Times Higher Education (THE) has announced THE World University Rankings 2019 on 26th September, and Muroran Institute of Technology (Muroran-IT) ranks 1001+ places in the world. Muroran-IT is third only to Hokkaido University and Sapporo Medical University among universities in Hokkaido and is represented in world university rankings for the first time.


 THE World University Rankings evaluate world-class universities on the basis of “research” activities mainly. Only 1,258 universities, which is about 5% of all 23,000 global universities, can be included in the rankings, that means Muroran-IT ranks in the top 5% of universities in the world.



 THE Japan University Rankings 2018
 Muroran-IT ranked 110-120th
 (Five universities in Hokkaido including Muroran-IT were ranked in)


 THE Japan University Rankings evaluate universities on the basis of “teaching” activities mainly. The number of universities in Japan was 768 according to Obunsha Co., Ltd. in 2018, and only top 150 universities were listed in the rankings.




 Muroran-IT has earned its reputation as national technological universities in Japan and more than 30,000 alumni are active in various fields of industry and academia. We aim at further advancing educational reforms and striving to train science and engineering students who can contribute the region and the world.